Your dog kennel, where well-being and modern
are one and the same.

Anidoor offers you a dog kennel concept combining
canine hospitality and mobile operating rooms

This project is unique. As a dynamic company, we are committed to
to innovate in the pet sector and to promote environmental values.

This project will begin with the creation of the daycare center and then the dog hotel.
We are currently developing our future services.

Why use Anidoor?

Anidoor offers a range of on-site services. If your pet is unable to travel, don't panic, Anidoor will come to you! 

At Anidoor we offer you....

  • Canine hospitality
  • Dog walking path
  • Animal transport and care service 
  • Dog training and behavioural courses
  • Swimming lessons

Your pet can't get around? Anidoor comes to you!

  • Dog-sitter service 
  • Walking service 
  • Animal transport and care service 
  • Dog training and behavioural courses
  • Mobile operating theatres with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Mobile grooming cabinets
  • Mobile physiotherapy and osteopathy rooms
  • Mobile dog sports facilities

A place that combines ecology and innovation

The infrastructure for the kennel is innovative and respects an environmental and technological logic (solar panels, water collection, mini windmill) 

A complex developed in the form of linked domes, in which various spaces would be located.

Facilities that are detrimental to animal welfare will not be allowed (e.g. fencing).

Ideal and functional for professionals

In the animal world, the lack of modern equipment is felt.

Anidoor wants to help these external professionals by offering them various services: a high-tech operating room and radiology room, a post-operative medical park and the support of various specialists. 

We are recruiting!

Our project is moving forward and we are looking for talent and investors to join the adventure.